Charles M. Citrenbaum, Ph.D. & Associates

specializing in counseling, clinical hypnosis and life/business coaching

The primary treatment orientation is focused, practical and brief or strategic intervention. When indicated, treatment can be longer-term. Treatment varies from conventional “talking” or cognitive/behavioral therapy to the use of experiential, Gestalt, hypnotic/imagery strategies. Often, people with problems in living or life know what their problem is, the cause or origin of problems, and even what they must do or change, but are stuck. Talking about the same issues repeatedly can be fruitless and frustrating. Respecting clinical and professional parameters, Dr. Citrenbaum and his associates think "outside the box". Techniques are flexible, creative and constructed to match the client, his/her “world” and to meet treatment objectives. At times, treatment is offered as an adjunct to one’s primary therapy in order to expedite progress. When indicated, resources for medication assessment and prescribing are available. As necessary, proper referrals are made.

The theoretical orientation guiding treatment by Dr. Citrenbaum and his associates is primarily existential-phenomenological: we accept and work with a person’s “truths.” At times, we will support an exploration toward healthier more satisfying truths, though realizing that these new beliefs are no more “truthful” per se than others. An acceptance of responsibility for one’s life is empowering. Therefore, we discourage a “victim” mentality or a stance of blaming the past or others. However, we will take the past into account and, as necessary, work toward awareness, closure and resolution of past issues.