Charles M. Citrenbaum, Ph.D. & Associates

specializing in counseling, clinical hypnosis and life/business coaching

A number of years ago, life and business coaching came into vogue. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been “coaching” for years, but calling it counseling or psychotherapy.

Almost anyone can pay money to take an online course and become a “certified coach”. I never took a course like that as I went to school for many years, have advanced degrees, have written articles and books published by major publishers and have taught at major universities.

My orientation has always been to respect an individual’s uniqueness and potential. I’ve been critical of psychopathological labels, have stressed “now” versus the past, and I’ve written extensively on this. I’ve helped people to be courageous, to experiment and take risks and to not allow inner conflict or fear get in the way. A need to be “perfect”, a fear of failure, or being too afraid someone will get hurt or angry stifles one’s power and getting what’s deserved.

The biggest obstacles to success are internal, not external. I’ve helped many people leave an unfulfilling context, whether it be a relationship or job, for something more fulfilling. I’ve helped people clarify objectives, and to define and take the steps needed to achieve goals. I’ve helped a lot of people make more money by increasing their business effectiveness and communication skills.

I prefer meeting a prospective coaching client face to face the first time, and then I’m open to using modern technology like Skype or FaceTime. Let's explore what a new perspective on the future can mean for you!

~Charlie Citrenbaum